Appreciate it what you have… or send it to me! (I like the second part)

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The other day I found myself riding in my brother’s car. Why you ask? Well, geez don’t rush me. My AC had not been working (which is just perfect in this “record breaking Virginia weather).  So long story short they helped get my car all fixed up (the AC works thank god!) and I am very appreciative for sure.

But, in the course of an hour of me getting home my parents and brother start arguing. It was all about his car and how he couldn’t wait to get rid of the piece of junk when he had paid it all off himself (with a little help from the parents of course). As I was listening I heard my parents rattle off stories of how my mom and her friend would always breakdown and she’d have to fix the car herself, or my dad who could see the road pass under his feet as he drove because the floor boards were gone. So, even if I wasn’t directly a part of this conversation I still felt like I was a part of it. My brother complained how terrible it was, and I thought how lucky I was to be having a car at all! I mean how many people in the WORLD DON’T HAVE A CAR. Okay, this isn’t a guilt trip you don’t have to give everything you have to the unfortunate (although it wouldn’t be a terribly bad idea).

I’m just saying be thankful we live in a land of plenty where food is but an arm’s reach away, transportation is not only limited to public transportation, and all the necessities of life are readily accessible. I am always aware of just how good I have it, and I am so fortunate to be where I am today.

So “don’t drive like my brother” (for all of you that listen to NPR, you’ll get it). Appreciate what you have or you may lost it and wish you still had it.



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