Traffic… The proof that there is still HOPE!

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Okay, okay I know what you’re probably thinking “What in the hell are you talking about?! TRAFFIC???” I know you’re probably JUST as fond as traffic as I am…But, please hear me out…
Let me give you a little background on me to help you understand: currently my job requires me to ride around all over the place. Through hell and high water traffic I’m out there doing my job in some of the worst traffic conditions I’ve only dreamt of in my NIGHTMARES. Inside and out of the beltway you can bet my butt is out there on that daily 9-5 grind. But, anyways this is not my post to rant about 9-5 jobs (we’ll save that party for another day my friends).

Let me just get straight to the point. When I’m out there in traffic I have ample time to listen to the radio and well… watch other brake lights. When I’m looking on at the sea of red lights in front of me there’s one thing that I never fail to notice. There’s a lot of different type of people on the road, but all of them work together on the road. For example I was driving today right around rush hour (like 4 o’clock) and the road ways were already packed with business men and women hustling and bustling to get home, but no matter how packed it got I would always see one car stop and let someone out. And, I thought “what would compel that person to stop? We don’t have a responsibility to let that person out… That person just needs to find an opening.” People on the road way all working together to get home.

Truthfully it gives me hope. If one person is capable of even the smallest act of kindness than I know they are capable of greater feats of kindness and humility. And, I know what some of you are thinking “bah, that’s what people do anyways…” and “that happens all the time big deal.”, but it means something to me. In and around the big city there’s not a lot of mercy and kindness, but on the roads I can still see some good in people. No matter how small it may seem to anyone else I know there’s good there.

I believe there’s good in all people no matter how bad they are. It’s whether they choose to show it and live it is the real deciding factor.

(I’m not sure there’s any hope that traffic around big cities…)


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