From guy to girl… WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

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I think at this point I’ll steal a quote and use it out of context. “This is soooo deliciously complicated.” – Sherlock Holmes, Robert Downey Jr., Sherlock Holmes 2.

Today I will not provide advice, but shed some light on my own. Its almost annoying to talk about because the scenario is just me over thinking it. And, yes my version of over thinking: ‘ I have to take her home. ‘ such a simple phrase yes? Not for me. My mind goes into FREE FALL with ideas ‘why doesn’t she WANT to stay?, ‘what did i say?’, ‘does she not like me?’, and all the other minutia that goes along with it. I just don’t know when is the right time??? I saw a good buddy of mine get rejected for a kiss after a date… phew it was hard to watch like a train wreck… I don’t want that to happen to me, BUT i also don’t want to risk it until I’m absolutely sure…

The thing is though… She brought (a friend). Which, don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with, but I don’t know if she brought this friend because the friend likes me and she’s trying to set her up. I brought them both flowers and she said her friend wasn’t expecting the flowers. Well I thought… Were you expecting flowers?!? Did YOU LIKE DA FLOWERS?! ha. Oh, and she also told me about another guy she likes. Is she making me jealous or just Friend zoning me? Over thinking to the max! We are all at this point raised to be analysts: scrutinizing every move, reading and rereading text messages to find something we missed, and most off all trying to figure out if your efforts are all for naught…

One thing I do know for sure is… I love spending time with her and as far I know I love spending time with her. She looked so damn cute in her dress the other day. She’s just great.
But, anyways back to reality. Cut the romance music please.

I must take my own advice. Thus, by saying this I think I might try to steal a kiss from her next time we go out, and I’m making a firm resolution to do this. If I don’t and I shy away from danger… I’ll tell you guys about it…
If you have an opinion on the issue or some helpful advice feel free to comment below!
… Shaking in my boots as we speak…


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