How to TURN the tables on the opposite sex (don’t shoot the messenger)

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Image “In a relationship: it is the person who cares least that has the power.” 
It is that quote above that makes me think… There is some element in truth there… Now let me caviot that first so that I don’t come off as some heartless relationship hater. Although it may not be far off from the truth *cough*.

Moving right along though! From my personal experience, SOMETIMES, it does pay off to give a girl less attention. Think about… (wow, im asking you guys to think WAYY too much) the guy/girl you like just doesn’t pay attention to you and you want THEM all the more. The same in reverse: you don’t pay attention to a guy or girl for a period of time and THEY are all over YOU. I find it all veryyyy interesting. Much like seeing a plan unfolding before your eyes. For example: I was at a gathering of friends (they were a few drinks) and we were all hanging out. Instead of being a guy who comes on strong and made it known that I was into her. I though let me hang back, like the king on a chess board, and let the other pawns get knocked out of the way. And, while I socialized with my friends (the pawns) making it seem like I was very social and outgoing. I was enjoying myself and getting attention even when I didn’t ask for it. How so you ask? Well, I seperated myself from the group and went to sit on the couch. Bam! 10-15 minutes later the girl I wanted to talk to came right on over and joined me.                         CASE & POINT ^ Make yourself AVAILABLE, but not too available. Girls AND boys like a challenge: something that isnt earned isn’t cherished (in many regaurds).
AND LIKE I SAID before EVERYONE is DIFFERENT! Don’t run back and email me and say “Oh, I tried it on the boy I like and he ended up dating my best friend!!!” Sorry folks I did put a danger sign up didn’t I? What, more can I do, put a up a beware of dog sign?
All I am saying is: you like somebody DON’T make it too easy make yourself a challenge. Make yourself available, but not too available!

Strategy: 1. Talk to the person you like keep their interest in you alive, BUT make it sparingly keep the mystery alive.  (you’re only gettin’ one out of me today, you pay extra for the other strategies!)

If you have any thoughts on this PLEASE let me know. Obviously so I can try to press my ideas on you further and tell you you’re wrong! Happy hunting!


BEWARE: YOU PLAY A DANGEROUS GAME. Each person is different so you would have to tailor it to each individual. The person you want may find someone else so playing hard might back fire.


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