Something Close to home (roughly where a human heart should be)

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This was sent to me by a class mate I decided to reach out to in one of my classes in college.

“That letter was filled with some of the nicest things anyone has ever told me! when i started the class i was trying to be invisible but somehow you found me and offered the first person i had to talk to in VA. you remind me so much of my friend Jake and that is the reason i gave you the key chain. i dont know that you will ever know how much your good nature and goofy personality will touch peoples lives. I want you to know that i appreciate you and your friendship more than you know. you are truly a person who will impact everyone around you for the rest of your life so keep it up! People like you show me that there is still hope and kindness in this world. If you EVER need anything just let me know! i may not be able to give the best advice on what to do but i can give advice on the things not to do.
keep in contact my friend!

I want to let ALL of you know. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE in someones life. You have the power to change world. I am sharing this private correspondence to let you know how big of an impact YOU CAN MAKE.


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